Realized Soul

Music is vibrations.

Vibrations connect us, they transform us. Each of us is a vessel that resonates with the vibrations of a Greater Source, the Source of the Power that created us. 
The music of Realized Soul aspires to resonate with the Love of the Creator in its sound. Realized Soul was formed in the weeks after Rachelle Jeanty and Ben Blythe first spoke at the end of March 2012. We both practice Sahaja Meditation and instantly felt a musical and spiritual connection. It has been incredible to see how quickly things have been working out since we began collaborating such a short time ago.  We are humbled to have the opportunity to debut our songs off at the U.N. event Remembering the Victims of Slavery and the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.


We invite you to watch the live U.N. performance online at We will act on our pure desire to release a full album this year.
Please watch for our kickstarter campain. Thank you!

Rachelle Jeanty aka Jayanti & Ben Blythe of Realized Soul



Rachelle would like to thank Chapati Design for the wonderful dress they specially made for her to sing at the event. She salutes the talents of designer Dunja Neumann and dressmaker Birgit Gadin, as well as the vision of Hamid Mohammadi.  

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