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by Turtlenecks feat. Miss Rachelle Jeanty


‘’Break free’’ is Rachelle's latest song.


''Break free'' is a freedom song for all the women of this world.


‘’Break free’’ is a cry to be seen, to be heard and to be understood in the subtle and not so subtle ways men still deny and abnegate a woman’s struggles in this male dominated world.


Special shout out to my black sisters, who, on top of that, have to deal with not being seen enough, and often through the labels given to them by a society still hung up on white standards.


‘’Break free’’, an anthem, a power funk track and a strong message about breaking the invisible chains hindering Feminine Energy and Female Power to be the new leading forces in this world.


Music by Turtlenecks and Rachelle Jeanty 

Text by Rachelle Jeanty