Rachelle -  The Entertainer



''...It was Rachelle's outstanding vocal performance, which conjured up power and commitment in the audience right from the first song! Thanks also for the many costume changes, which always matched the style of the song'!


Mag.Barbara Libowitzky, Head of Department

AUVAinsurance, Golden Securitas Awards Ceremony



''...I've been organizing this same event for the last 15 years and this year I invited Rachelle as our entertainer, I was astonished; for the very first time, I saw people get up to dance and sing! It never happened before!

Rachelle is truly magical!


Jennyfer Nowak Mischkowsky, Event Manager

Zigzag Jazz Club


CIRCLE OF JOY - Singing Workshops

"The whole team was surprised with a workshop by Rachelle at our Christmas party. We were all overwhelmed by what is vocally possible in a 3 hour workshop. After initial warm-up and breathing exercises, we started singing as a choir. Under the grandiose accompaniment of Rachelle, we were able to record a Christmas song, the lyrics of which were still rewritten by her to fit the company, in a recording studio.  A great experience, where the recording still brings us joy and will remain in our memories for a long time.''


Martina Kapral & Ali Mahlodji's FutureOneheroes Team


"I like to use the Circle of Joy - or the use of unifying singing in my teambuilding and OE projects because it connects people on a whole new level. Each individual is in some way positively in contact with music - this resonance is sensitively and convincingly activated by Rachelle. By experiencing the process in which individual voices become a common melody, forces are mobilized in the team that remain hidden in traditional team seminars. A new metaphor is created and subsequently serves the team as a reminder of solidarity and successful cooperation."


Nathalie Karré - Leadership Coach, Best Selling Author, Accelor Consulting & Business Development


SPIRIT OF JOY - Singing and Meditation Workshop

''Rachelle Jeanty was awesome - she showed us an approach to music so that sounds came out of me that I didn't know before. It was so beautiful that we even had tears when we sang. The workshop not only made me sing from the heart, but was also incredibly strengthening and healing for me. I will definitely be back for the next one.


 Thank you, Rachelle"


Angelika Liehmann, Psychotherapist 


"I came to Rachelle with the desire to gain more confidence in singing. Previously, I had pain in my vocal cords, resulting in a lack of control and a resulting stage fright that blocked me.


Based on my previous singing lessons, I didn't have high expectations, but Rachelle surprised me in many ways. Lessons with her are so much more than just singing. She has shown me how to meditate, let go of my fears and feel so much joy.


Meeting her and her beautiful soul has not only changed my approach to music, but also me as a person and how I see things. Now I can really enjoy being on stage and see it as the unique experience that it is.


Thank you, Rachelle!"




"It was magical and powerful!! Thank you so much for your initiative!"


 Karin Graf-Kaplaner, Slow Growth Business Mentor; Systemic, Value-Orientated Coach

"It was so great that I'm at a loss for words again. When women are in a room and have a common goal, it's incredibly powerful. Because it's in all of us.


I'm so looking forward to March, you can do the stadium with this community and the purpose. "We won't stop" still resonates!"


Tina Landreau, Career Coach; Diversity & Recruiting Consultant