THE Singer

Galas & Events

When it comes to entertaining a crowd, Rachelle Jeanty is a natural.


After a world tour with Celine Dion and over a thousand performances as entertainer, Rachelle offers a professionalism, an experience and a stage presence which immediately bring standing and success to your event!


Whether singing with a live band or with half playbacks, everywhere she goes, Rachelle simply knows how to bring Joy and celebration!


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Individual lessons & singing workshops

Since 2011, Rachelle has been bringing people together to share the joy of singing!


Whether to deepen your own spirituality or to strengthen your team and company, the singing workshops CIRCLE OF JOY and SPIRIT OF JOY guarantee an unforgettable experience of connection, relaxation, team spirit and pure joy!


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Songwriting & Percussion

Rachelle has already released four albums, one of them as a singer-songwriter, in her mother tongue French.


She recently released a controversial new power song called "Break Free" with the Austrian funk trio Turtlenecks.


''BREAK FREE'' by Turtlenecks feat. Miss Rachelle Jeanty

The Keynote speaker

Intuition & Meditation Coach

Parallel to singing, Rachelle also possesses a skill for beautiful and sensitive writing.


Her amazing life journey and unusual career drew the path for her to become a keynote speaker.


Rachelle's venture as a singer songwriter experienced a dramatic setback.


Hear the whole story in her very first speech as a keynote speaker, which happened at none other than TEDx:  

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