Workshop Circle of Joy


Teambuilding Singing Workshop

A shared positive experience for the group

  • Deepens the sense of connection

  • Increases trust and safety

  • Releases stress

  • Empowers the team to work better together

  • Favors inclusion & diversity

  • Boosts team efficiency

The CIRCLE OF JOY is a group singing workshop specific to companies looking to reinforce their team with a sense of belonging and togetherness.

Indeed, nothing brings people closer than singing!


Once a team has shared the beautiful experience of singing together, new spaces of trust open up. It changes the way people relate to one another, as a greater sense of unity and team spirit is lived through the singing.


This experience then often leads to a heightened sense of safety and belonging, having a direct and positive impact on loyalty to the team and greater motivation for its success.


Singing is also known to release stress, increase mental alertness and boost self confidence.


When done as a group, singing brings the most diverse individuals of a team together as ONE voice, creating is a unique and transformative experience, both for the team and for its members.


CIRCLE OF JOYSing. Share. Care.


The perfect team building tool to leave a lasting and empowering effect in your company's development, productivity and growth!


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Martina Kapral & Ali Mahlodji's futureOneheroes Team


''The whole team was surprised with a workshop by Rachelle at our Christmas party. We were all overwhelmed by what is vocally possible in a 3 hour workshop. After initial warm-up and breathing exercises, we started singing as a choir. Under the grandiose accompaniment of Rachelle, we were able to record a Christmas song, the lyrics of which were still rewritten by her to fit the company, in a recording studio. A great experience, where the recording still gives us pleasure now and will remain in our memories for a long time.'' (Team

Workshop Spirit of Joy


Singing and Meditation Workshop

The SPIRIT OF JOY vocal workshop is geared towards the more spiritual aspect of individuals, coming together to share a sacred space within, through sound and singing.

SPIRIT OF JOY is a rhythm and vocal workshop, where singing meets meditation, through songs of the world!

We meditate to sing better, we sing to meditate deeper.

You will learn Gospel classics, songs from all over the world, vocal harmony, rhythm and clap, voice projection, breathing techniques and a simple yet powerful meditation for balance and inner peace.


Sing, meditate and find some silence for your mind, a balm for your Soul and pure Joy for your Heart!


SPIRIT OF JOY - Perfect for hobby singing, choirs, yoga & spiritual events, weekend retreats, birthday parties and anniversaries.


For a unique experience of spirit, song and fun, contact Rachelle at:

Rachelle Jeanty vocal coach


Parallel to her singing career, Rachelle discovered her passion for teaching singing and sharing her knowledge of music, singing and meditation.


Rachelle began teaching vocals in Canada in after school programs in the private school sector.


She coached teenage girls how to find their voice and interpret their favourite songs. She worked with children in creative dance and self-expression.

She also worked with adult choirs and taught vocal technique, vocal projection and gospel.


After arriving in Europe in 2010, Rachelle created the Spirit of Joy workshops. She has successfully conducted her group singing sessions with happy students in Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Ukraine, Morocco and even Taiwan, all sharing the universal language of JOY!


Integrating aspects of Sahaja meditation she has been practicing for many years, Rachelle's approach is truly holistic, taking the participant fully through the body, mind and soul, opening the Heart, soothing the head and… feeling the Joy!


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